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清明节到了,小长假模式开启。 在现代人看来,清明节快成了纯粹的踏青游玩季。下面是小编为大家整理的初二清明节踏青英语日记翻译,一起来看看吧,希望对你们有帮助。


Qingming Festival is one of our traditional Chinese festivals. On that day, we will go to martyrs' cemeteries in various places to offer sacrifices to heroes who died for our peace, and of course to our deceased relatives. However, my family will go to the Mother River for an outing, because this festival is a good time for everything to revive and the air to be fresh!

On the way to go for an outing, I can't help but see some people who sacrificed to their deceased relatives. Then I watched the emerald willow fluttering in the wind, and the tender yellow rape flowers danced gracefully in the wind. I couldn't help but remind me of the poem "Spring City flies everywhere, cold food makes the willow oblique" ...

In the laughter all the way, we finally arrived at the "Mother River", and after having a big meal in the hotel next to us (on the big boat), we went ashore to the Yellow River. My heart was a little excited, because I saw all the "mothers" of Chinese people, who raised us Chinese!

But we didn't come empty-handed. I also invented a game, which is quite dangerous, but it is fun. We first stepped on the shore a little closer to the Yellow River with small steps, then it became softer and softer, and sometimes blisters appeared. At that time, I was so scared and nervous that I always felt that I was going to fall, because the soft ground always felt that a big hole would fall out and trap me. The principle is as follows: the Yellow River water has soaked the land on the shore. Although it looks solid, it is actually very dangerous. I heard my mother say that when she was a child, someone was playing on it, and as a result, someone fell into the water and drowned, so don't play with the timid!

During this outing, I ate, played and saw good things, which was absolutely wonderful! Come and play if you don't believe me!

清明,是我们中国传统节日之一,在当日我们要去各个地方的烈士陵园给为了我们和平而逝去的英雄祭祀,当然也要给我们逝去的亲人祭祀。不过我们全家要去“母亲河”那里踏青,因为这个节日正是 :万物复苏、空气清新的好时候!

在去踏青的路上我也不免看到一些给逝去的亲人祭祀的人,再看着翠绿色的柳条随风飘动着,嫩黄的油菜花也在风中跳着婀娜的舞姿,不禁让我想起了“春城无处不飞花,寒食东风御柳斜”这首诗 句……

在一路的欢声笑语中,我们终于抵达了“母亲河”,在旁边的饭店里大饱一顿后(在大船上)便上岸到了黄河边,我心中也有一点兴奋,因为我看到了我们中国人所有的“母亲”,是它养育了我们中国 人!

不过我们也不是空手而来的,我还发明了一种游戏,它可是相当危险的,但是它很好玩儿。我们先在靠黄河边上一点的岸上慢慢地用小碎步在上面踏,然后它会越来越软,有时还会冒出水泡,当时我害 怕极了,紧张极了,总感觉自己要掉下去,因为地软软的总感觉要落出来一个大洞,要把我陷进去。原理是这样的:黄河水已经将岸上的土地浸透啦,别看它外表坚固其实很危险,听妈妈说她小时候有 人在上面玩,结果就有人掉进水里淹死啦,所以胆小者勿玩哟!



It's Qingming Festival, and we went to Shitang Bamboo Sea for an outing.

Wow, the scenery here is so beautiful! I commended. The lake is crystal clear, and the small stones under the water can be seen clearly; Surrounded by bamboo, like a green sea, no wonder it is called bamboo sea! The lakes and mountains are beautiful and beautiful. Not far away is the "strange slope" of Ma 'anshan. Its characteristics are: the water goes backwards and the car goes backwards. When going downhill, Dad put the car in neutral and saw the car running to the top of the slope. It's so strange. Try it!

After watching the scenery, we looked around for strawberry bases, and finally saw a big plastic shed. When we went in, we saw a lot of strawberries. I can't wait to take the basket and start picking strawberries. Some strawberries are green and white, some are light red, some are deep red, some are big and some are small. I eat them while picking, so sweet! Finally, the picked strawberries were weighed and brought home.

Have a good time today!






The fifth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, according to "Hundred Questions at the Age", is: "Everything is clean and bright when it grows. Therefore, it is called Qingming. " The annual Qingming Festival is coming, which is the day to sweep the grave and go for an outing.

On Qingming Festival, our family went for an outing. Going for an outing, also known as spring outing, is clear in April, returns to the earth in spring, and the natural world presents a vibrant scene, which is a good time for an outing. We drove to a river ditch in the eastern suburbs to pick wild vegetables. You must ask, why do you want to pick wild vegetables? Eat green food for the sake of clarity.

Walking down a narrow path, the road is full of peach trees, and there are several pink peach blossoms on the trees. Petals fall down from time to time, as if in a fairyland.

When you walk, you will come to a piece of grass, where you can pick wild vegetables as much as you like, because the grass and trees are covered with wild leeks, also called wild garlic. If you look at the leaves, they look exactly like leeks, but if you pull out the roots slowly, you will find that their roots are the same as garlic. I picked and picked, and time passed. Suddenly, I have picked a big bag of wild vegetables. At home, my uncle fried the fruits of my labor into delicious dishes, and tasted the dishes he picked, not to mention how happy he was.

My Qingming outing really has a special taste!


清明节,我们一家去踏青。踏青,又叫春游,四月清明,春回大地,自然界呈现生机勃勃的景象,正是郊游的大好时光。我们驱车来到东边郊外的一条河沟旁摘野菜。你一定会问,为什么要摘野菜?因 为清明要吃青的食物。


走着走着,便来到一片草地里,在这儿,你就可以尽情的摘野菜了,因为草地里、大树下,都长满了“野韭菜”也叫“野小蒜”。光看叶子的话,它长得和韭菜一模一样,但如果你慢慢的把根拔出来, 就会发现它的根又和蒜长的一样。我摘啊摘,时间过了很久。转眼间,我已经摘了一大袋野菜了。回到家,舅舅把我的劳动成果炒成了一盘盘可口的菜肴,品尝着自己摘的菜,别提有多高兴了。



Today is Qingming Festival. The sun is shining and the weather is fine. My mother and I went for an outing in the park.

Some people fly kites, some run and chase, and some are talking and laughing …

The most conspicuous thing in the park is the artificial river. The river is crystal clear, a breeze blows, and the river fluctuates slowly. Looking at it from a distance, it seems that thousands of snakes are swimming. The wind, gradually stopped. The water flickered in the golden sunshine, which was really beautiful. Suddenly a beautiful bubble floated from the river bank. Oh, it turned out that the little friend was blowing bubbles. The bubbles were colorful. When they touched the clear river, they burst open with a bang.

"Hoo-hoo-"the gust of wind led us to the mountain in the park. Flowers in the mountains: yellow like gold; red like fire; pink like chardonnay. There are thousands of flowers … the grass in the mountains is as tall as a palm. Grass in the mountains has different shapes. The trees in the mountains stand tall, like guards, pagodas and big fans ...

The sun quietly hid and people left in twos and threes. I still look back from time to time, and this outing on Qingming Festival is really fascinating.




“ 呼——呼——”那阵风带着我们走向了公园里的那座山。山里的花:黄的像金:红的似火:粉的如霞。还有成千上万朵花······山里的草,高的有巴掌那么大。山里草的形状各异。山里的树木高大耸立,像一个个护卫:像一座座宝塔:又像一把把大扇子······



This afternoon, my family went to Tongji Bridge to fly kites, and along the way, we discussed where to put kites. Grandma said: "Put it in the small garden under Tongji Bridge." Mom and Dad said, "Put it on Tongji Bridge." Grandpa and I also agree with mom and dad on the bridge. After a while, we arrived at the bridge, and my father, mother and grandfather began to prepare for the release, but grandma didn't find it and went on. At first, I was responsible for holding the kite string, and my father was responsible for holding the kite. Later, my father thought that I was not suitable for taking kite strings, so he let me take kites.

Finally, we went to find grandma under the bridge. When we got to the bridge, we were ready to put it up. A h2 wind blew. I let go, and the kite flew. Our kite flew higher and higher, and there were fewer and fewer threads in our hands. Suddenly, the wind dropped and our kite fell on the bridge. At this moment, my heart almost jumped out. Grandma told Dad to get the kite on the bridge, but the string of the kite broke and the kite fell on the house. Grandma borrowed a ladder from the florist and took down the kite.

Finally, we decided to put it on the bridge. Grandpa figured out a way to put the kite out of the river, but with the string, it didn't fall into the river at all, but flew higher and higher with the wind. Fly kites, fly my good mood!

今天下午我们全家一起去同济桥放风筝,一路上大家一直讨论风筝到底该在哪里放?奶奶说:“在同济桥下面的小花园放。”妈妈和爸爸说:“在同济桥上放。”我和爷爷也赞同妈妈,爸爸在桥上放。 不一会儿,我们到了桥上,我的爸爸,妈妈,爷爷开始准备放,而奶奶没有发现继续往前走。开始我负责拿风筝的线,爸爸负责拿着风筝。后来爸爸觉得我不太适合拿风筝线,就让我拿风筝。


最后,我们决定还是去桥上放,爷爷想出一个办法,把风筝放出河面,但是有了线,它一点都没有掉入河里,反而随着风儿越飞越高。 放飞风筝,放飞我的好心情!


花儿红了,草儿绿了,雪儿化了,春天到了。清明节妈妈带我去位于107国道以东的鸿宝园林踏青。走在郊外的小路上,一阵微风吹过,使人神清气爽,心旷神怡。远看,田野 里的小麦郁郁葱葱,像铺上了绿色的地毯,近看,路旁的柳树吐出来嫩绿的新芽,像春姑娘的长发,路边绚丽的油菜花绽放着笑脸,还有许多叫不出名字的五颜六色的野花在争奇斗艳。此时此刻,我完 全被眼前美丽的春景所吸引,深深感受到了春天的气息。

步入园区,首先映入眼帘的是一大片望不到边的玉兰苑,远看那玉兰花有白色的、黄色的、红色的。它们怒放着,如雪、如水、如诗、如画。一阵微风吹过,玉兰花抖动着身体犹如少女的裙子起舞 弄影。我再走近一看,一朵玉兰花舒展开了花瓣,淡白的颜色,美丽极了,再看那边的花儿,还是一朵花骨朵呢!跟月季花比不如月季花的姹紫嫣红;跟茉莉花相比,它也不如茉莉花的香复郁芳香。但 是但是它却点缀着我们的生活,也美化着我们的城市。




Ching Ming Festival is one of the traditional folk festivals in China. Every time, everyone goes to sweep the grave to show their nostalgia for the dead.

I should have visited the grave this year, but since I am not in my hometown, I can't go to worship my ancestors, so I am very disappointed. However, I still tried to make myself have a happy Qingming Festival, so I asked my classmates to go out to play together. We went to Siyi Park to play this and that for a while. I ran to the pond to see the fish; After a while, I sat in the pavilion and sang. Have a good time. Although these are fun, they are not as fun as my favorite swing in the park. But the swing has always been occupied by others, and my eyes have been fixed on the people on the swing. When the opportunity came, I saw that the people on the swing were about to leave, so I quickly flew over and grabbed the swing. Then call your classmates to come and play together! We swing up and then swing down. It's like flying in the sky. It's fun.

Although I can't sweep the tomb, I am still very happy!


今年我本来应该去扫墓的,可是由于我不在家乡,就不能去拜祭我的祖先了,为此,我感到非常失望。不过,我还是想办法让自己过个快乐的清明节过,于是就叫上我的同学一起出去玩。我们到了 四一公园里,一会玩这个,一会玩那个;我一会又跑到池塘边看鱼;一会又坐在亭子里唱歌。玩得不亦乐乎。虽然这些很好玩,可是还没有公园我最爱的秋千好玩。可是秋千一直都被别人占着,我的眼 睛一直目不转睛地盯着秋千上的人。机会来了,只见秋千上的人正准备动身走了,我赶紧“飞”过去,把秋千抢到手。然后把同学叫过来一起玩!我们一会荡上去,一会甩下来,像在天空中飞一样,好 玩极了。