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Everyone knows that April 5th is the Qingming Festival. Yes, today is the Qingming Festival.

Grandpa and I went to the grave to granny grandparents. We put on the tomb of grass pulled out, pulled out in the tomb planted on several willow and then burned paper money tender. After that, Grandpa asked me to knock three heads for my grandparents. I wonder, "why do you have to knock three heads?" Grandpa couldn't answer it. He said, "go and check the computer yourself."

Back when we eat some cold food. I do not understand to ask: "why Qingming to eat cold food? "Grandma told me the origins of the cold food:" in the spring and Autumn period, the Jin Wen Gong had a tribulation and a minister called the meson, who lived in the mountains after the king of the Jin Wen Gong. In the first day of the Qing Ming Dynasty, the Jin Wen Gong sent people to fire the mountain, trying to force the meson to launch a mountain official. The second day (Qingming) ordered the whole country to ban fireworks, only to eat cold food. After that year, people formed the custom of eating cold food on Qingming Festival. I couldn't help exclaiming, "there's such a story."

It's a lot to harvest today.






Today is Saturday. It is also a special sacred holiday -- Qingming Festival.

During the Qing Ming Festival, we went back to the tomb sweeping. Today, I came to my ancestors' grave, ready to sweep the grave for them. I removed the grass from their grave with a hoe.

Weeding is seemingly simple, but it is very tiring. If you don't help the adults, you may have to rest for a while, but I can't get rid of it even if I don't help you two days.

A piece of light in front of the grave, feeling very monotonous, lonely. So after second days of supper, I ran to the mountain and dug several fruit trees and planted them in front of the grave.

Qingming Festival is an important festival. Let's remember this sacred and special holiday. Remember that on this day, we must help our ancestors to go to the grave.

One more thing, in this festival, I believe that you have a missing person! I miss my grandmother most is my grandmother, my grandmother left me forever when I was very young, how I hope she can come back to me again, this is the person I miss most, who you miss most in the Qingming Festival








"As" this sentence is confirmed by the wonderful nature, yesterday the wisper under light rain, my heart is heavy like a rock, because want to master and old milk grave, before, I don't understand the real meaning of the qing Ming day, until today after sweeping the tomb, I understand the true meaning of tomb-sweeping day!

At seven o 'clock in the morning, we prepare to master and old milk grave, grave is a fresh thing for me, we take tools and set off.

Walking the winding mountain road, I can't wait, after about an hour, we came to the master and old grandma's grave, a year didn't come, graves are covered with wild grass, you well after the division of labor, began to busy, everything is in place, we started to burn money, along with the smoke, I seem to see their shadow, they told me: study hard and cherish life.

Yes, life is short, happy every day to live, to continuously surpass ourselves, surpass ourselves, dream will come true; The superego, the dream into power; Beyond the self, to create beautiful life! I think life is constantly transcend self, beyond the dream!!!!! Panoramic view of the city house on the mountain, the mountain was full of golden golden in the rape, deep breath, deep and remote light fragrance, fresh air, the flowers with irresistible power explanation of the meaning of life!






Tomb-sweeping day is one of the 24 solar terms, also called the "cold food" festival, there are grave and the tradition of eating ai dumpling.

"Rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go." This year's tomb-sweeping day rainy, seems to be a more solemn atmosphere. One day, our whole family with sacrifices the mountain grave. Vehicles lined up at the foot of the mountain, to come to the grave, get to stretch, speed is slow, and the traffic police command temporarily.

We first came to grandma's grave, with offerings on the tombstone ahead, pious hopes to grandma's grief. All of a sudden, "peng?? Pa! Knock?? Bang!" Firecrackers into ears. I looked inside, there are some people regardless of "civilization grave, burning firecrackers ban" initiative, without authorization, setting off firecrackers in front of the tomb. Fireworks set off incense and the despite the rainy today, but the fire hazard is still to be reckoned with.

I am lost in thought......

Suddenly, think of the teacher said in class "grave" online. Yes, teacher once mentioned that "grave" online can ease traffic pressure, sacrifices to advocate green civilization, but also can facilitate users never leave home martyrs during qingming festival ancestors, a "win-win-win".

On the same day, dad and I will contract next year's tomb-sweeping day we online reaction to grandma. In the future, we will mobilize the people around calls the green, to join the online grave.


“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。”今年的清明节阴雨绵绵,似乎又多了一丝肃穆的气氛。这天,我们全家带着祭品上山扫墓。山脚下,前来扫墓的车辆排成长龙,挨挨挤挤,行进速度缓慢,还有交 警临时指挥。






Another year tomb-sweeping day, also called sweeping tomb festival, also is our reaction to the dead relatives, to give them the day of the grave.

I got up early today, because I want to go to the countryside to grandpa's grave, grandpa's grave in a county town, next to us it's about one hour by car, unconsciously shaking all the way there, got off the bus, wow! So many people! The county, rural are together today. We go to the street bought a few small paper went up the hill, it is said that, as this year's tomb-sweeping day is not the same oh, sunny, all can see graves on the hill, we came first to the old man's grave, according to our customs, to get rid of the weeds, next to the grave, then the ancestor-worship celebration this year because of government regulations can not point in the mountain burn incense, lest cause a fire, so we just symbolic in the grave the paper money, beside the grave around our hand-picked azalea.

Sweep out grandpa's grave, we have to sweep grandpa's grave again, to the climb over a mountain, grandpa is ill died, so pretty young, to grandpa's grave, grandpa grandma reminds many recollections, wail aloud to weep aloud, influenced by her, everyone some sadness, not the same we also sort the grandpa's grave, pressure on the incense paper, went down the mountain.

Thus ended the grave activities of a day, there are some difficult to climb the mountain, but I still follow the team successfully completed this activity. I like ching Ming festival this day.







The annual Qingming approaching, today the teacher took us to Zhi Shan Park graves, one to the nine characters eye "the Cixi revolutionary martyr memorial hall".


We went up the stairs, walk to the Martyrs Monument was already out of breath, and after a while, the teacher let us set, then Xu Lei and I speak, listen only "spring flower show grief, pine green send deep feeling." I followed the "infinite love infinite grief, grave and offering hero hero." This is the chief read the verses of revolutionary martyrs, the Martyrs Monument like a bit of revolutionary martyrs, the Martyrs Monument beside a pine like a soldier to guard them, Yuwei Cen walk briskly to the Martyrs Monument side flag, after each flower, we respectfully on the Martyrs Monument, then we observed a minute of silence and at that time that I thought about many of the revolutionary martyrs who died in the battle, and some even did not leave a name. The following is the representative, what impressed me most is that we should good good study, day day up, which is representative of the martyrs of the promise, I want to learn to ensure that good, day day up. Next is our oath: let us remember this solemn moment, let us remember this solemn commitment we make martyrs with their blood banner, always flying in the blue sky of the motherland. Then march around the stadium after the downhill.


The revolutionary martyrs who is really a great life, a glorious death.