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The New Year is coming. Xiaoguang's family started cleaning at home. Dad said, "I'll mop the floor." Mother said, "I will clean the glass because I am the most patient." Xiaoguang frowned and asked, "What shall I do?" Mom and Dad smiled and said, "Think for yourself!"

As soon as the voice just fell, my father and mother started to work at once. Dad bent and dragged the floor of the living room with a mop. In a short time, a thin layer of sweat came out on his forehead. Mother wiped the window carefully. She wiped it for a while, stepped back, and carefully looked at what was not cleaned.

After thinking about it, Xiaoguang took a piece of colored paper and prepared to send a New Year card to Xiaohong in the mountainous area of Guizhou. Xiaohong's mother has been sending money to help her go to school. Because the New Year is coming, he wants to bring greetings to Xiaohong and wish her happy growth and progress in study in the New Year! After finishing the greeting card, Xiaoguang thought: "I hope Xiaohong can receive this greeting card as soon as possible!"





The New Year is coming, and the house is dirty. My mother, father and I decided to hold a general cleaning.

The division of labor is good. Mom is responsible for cleaning the floor, Dad is responsible for cleaning the windows, and I am responsible for cleaning the chairs. My mother gave me a toothpaste and a rag, and wiping the chair began. I squeezed the toothpaste on the dirty white chair first, and then wiped it hard from top to bottom with a wet rag. At this moment, I found that the chair turned white and the rag became dirty. I quickly ran to wash the rag and wiped it again from top to bottom with the cleaned rag, and a chair was wiped out. My mother smiled and said, "It's really clean and capable." I was delighted to hear this.

Through the joint efforts of my mother and father, my home has become clean.





Today is the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. Every household is cleaning up. Of course, our family is no exception! Look, everyone is working in full swing: grandma is sweeping the floor, grandpa is hitting the spider's nest with a feather duster, and dad is cleaning the glass, …

My mother was mopping the floor. When I saw my mother dragging so hard, I volunteered to say, "Mom, let me help you." My mother smiled and said, "OK!" My mother gave me the mop conveniently. I got up my nerve and started to do it. At first, I felt it was quite easy to mop the floor, but after a while, my arms were weak, my waist was sore and my legs hurt. At this moment, I realized: "How tired my mother is doing housework at ordinary times, it can be more than mopping the floor! Therefore, I must persist in the end today, drag the land well, do a good job, and help my mother do more housework in the future. The so-called persistence is victory. " Finally dragged the floor and wiped the tables and chairs. My mother praised me for my good work, and I laughed with sweat.




Today is the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, commonly known as "small year". Legend has it that it is the day when the "Kitchen God" reports to heaven, and our family will start cleaning up on this day. There must be a new atmosphere in the New Year, and it will take us a day to clean up.

My mother's "director" said that we should work together, and then assign tasks: I tidy up toys, my father sweeps the floor, my mother cleans glass, washes curtains, washes clothes … and starts to clean up! I put the toys in the toy box first, and then I filled them. Suddenly I found that the toy box was not enough. I found another toy box and packed it again ... When I packed it, it was already noon. Let's have a rest and have lunch. And then it started again. I have done my "work" and am resting. Suddenly, when I saw my sweaty mother, I quickly ran to help her. While I was helping her, my mother said to my father who was sweeping the floor, "Sweep the places that I didn't usually sweep! For example: sofa. " Then, dad moved the sofa aside and began to sweep again ...

By the time the general cleaning was finished, it was already evening. Although everyone was tired, we felt a great sense of accomplishment when we saw the brand-new home.





When the Spring Festival arrived, every household hung up red lanterns and posted Spring Festival couplets, which were full of big red ... Among them, my favorite thing was to eat dumplings on New Year's Eve: first, boil the water, then I watched my grandmother pour white dumplings into the pot slowly, and the dumplings quickly sank to the bottom of the pot, and then quickly floated up, which was very interesting. After that, I took out several small bowls and poured a little in them. Put a little in each bowl, and the dumplings are cooked. I picked up the big colander and fished out the white dumplings at one time, and put eight in each bowl, so that a bowl of dumplings was finished.

I picked up my own bowl, picked up a dumpling and slowly put it into my mouth. After taking a bite, the very light soup flowed out. After that, the dumplings cooled a little, and I ate all of them.

Because, that's what I made, so don't taste it.





Today, it's Sunday. Mom and Dad don't go to work, so they decided to have an annual year-end cleaning. My mother gave me the task of sweeping and mopping the floor. After listening to this, I rolled up my sleeves and brought my tools to prepare for the war.

I swept the floor first, with my left hand under the broom and my left hand on the broom, bent over, my eyes as big as eggs, staring straight at the head of the broom, and earnestly sweeping the floor bit by bit. If there is dust that cannot be swept away, I will carefully scrape it off with iron ruler. If I don't clean it once, I will sweep it again. In short, I will succeed. Not only to sweep the floor, but also to sweep out the order, but not here, there, and vertically. If you sweep vertically, sweep vertically all the time. After my cleaning, my home is clean.

I started mopping the floor below. I bent, stuck up my ass, and my eyes were as big as a bowl, staring straight at mop head. To mop the floor, of course, you have to prepare a bucket of water! There are also two requirements for mopping the floor: First, if you want to drag, you must drag it clean; Second, it should be delayed in order. If you want to drag sideways, drag sideways all the time. After my hard work, the house can show its shadow! Do you know where the dust went? Look at that bucket of water. Wow! The water was very clear when it was poured out, but now it is black and black. It turns out that the dust ran into the water!

After I finished, I was sweating profusely, but my heart was very happy, because I tasted the joy of labor!






The New Year is coming soon, and every family is busy preparing things for the New Year's Eve and materials for the New Year's Eve dinner. Adults are busy, so let me write about the Spring Festival in my eyes.

When the Spring Festival arrives, every household puts on new clothes and goes shopping in the mall. Fireworks and firecrackers are set off every Chinese New Year, but they are not allowed this year. Therefore, only by going to the mall can we feel the atmosphere of the New Year. When I arrived at the supermarket, there was a sea of people. Red blessing, red lanterns ... decorate the supermarket with a new flavor, which makes people have an indescribable affection.

Every Chinese New Year, children dance with excitement. Some of them play football, some chase, some hide and seek ... It doesn't matter if they are happy and hungry. On the New Year's Eve dinner, chickens, ducks and fish all went into battle. I've been hungry for half a day.

In the evening, the whole family can chat happily and watch the Spring Festival Evening. The whole family is round and round.

Chinese New Year is the most important traditional festival for Chinese people, Spring Festival in my eyes.







Today, I worked as a cleaner once.

It's almost New Year's Day. My whole family cleaned the windows, my mother cleaned the windows, and my father and I washed the screens. I use a brush to dip in soapy water and brush it back and forth on the screen window, then rinse it off with clear water. After washing seven screens, I feel my waist is sour and my feet are numb. I am really tired!

It's not easy to be a cleaner! We usually don't litter, keep the environment clean and tidy, and let the cleaners sweat less.





In the morning, the winter sun shines warmly on my body.

We cleaned up at home, and Grandpa assigned me and my cousin the task of cleaning chairs. Although there are only eight mahogany chairs in a set, it takes more brains to clean them up. It is not difficult to clean the chair seat, but it is laborious to clean the chair back and hands. As soon as I used my brain, I thought of a good way: wear a wet cloth into Confucius with a lattice to wipe it back and forth. After more than two hours passed, we managed to wipe every chair and coffee table clean.




Today, my mother and I cleaned up. I tidied up my small room. I packed the littered toys into the toy frame first, then found a broom and swept the floor. After sweeping the floor, I brought a rag and wiped the table, bookcase, bedside and wardrobe.

After wiping the table, I found a mop and dragged the house again. Finally, I was very happy to see the clean room I had cleaned. My mother also praised me. I will often help my mother clean up and be a good child who loves to work.