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Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month is called "Little Year". On the 15th and 16th, people visited temple fairs and solve riddles on the lanterns. At night, people celebrate with fireworks.

The most popular custom of Lantern Festival is to eat Lantern Festival. No matter the southeast and northwest of the motherland, whether at home or abroad, as long as it is the descendants of the Chinese people, they will never forget it.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, we are no exception-cooking and eating Lantern Festival. When the water boils, Lantern Festivals can't wait to jump in one by one. When they lie leisurely on it, it means that Lantern Festivals are ripe and they eat them.

When the Lantern Festival is ready, I will eat it with relish. I picked out a Lantern Festival with a spoon and bit a small mouth. It was so hot. The black sesame seeds in it couldn't stop flowing out. I couldn't wait. I blew it with my mouth and swallowed it in one bite. Hush while eating ~ the chewiness of rice and the sweetness of sesame are all melted in the mouth, which tastes great! When it's cool, I'll gobble it up, a bowl of Lantern Festival, and soon I'll eat it all up.

However, everyone should go out while eating, which is good for health, so as to have a happier life!








Eating Lantern Festival is the custom of Lantern Festival. When it comes to eating Lantern Festival, my mouth water is almost out, because it is my favorite food.

When my mother got off work, she bought a big bag of Lantern Festival in the supermarket, which was also made of rain flower stones. This is my favorite food, so I ran to the kitchen and waited for the Lantern Festival to come out.

I think when my mother cooks, she puts the Yuhua Stone Lantern Festival slowly into the pot with the spoon leaking from the bottom, and it takes half an hour to cook, because the skin of Yuhua Stone Lantern Festival is a bit thick, so I waited for 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes … I really want to eat Yuhua Stone Lantern Festival quickly.

Finally, I can put the Lantern Festival in a colander first, then a bowl of water with a spoon, and put the Yuhua Stone Lantern Festival in a bowl. I wanted to eat it with chopsticks, but when my mother saw it, she stopped me and said, "Now the Yuhua Stone Lantern Festival is very hot and I need to eat it slowly with a spoon."

I was so anxious that I couldn't eat hot tofu. I endured it. I picked up a small spoon, gently filled one, then blew it slowly, carefully put the rain flower stone Lantern Festival in my mouth, and ate it. It was really delicious, really delicious. Looking at this beautiful and delicious rain flower stone Lantern Festival, I want to eat another one.

After a while, I had eaten more than a dozen Lantern Festivals, and I wanted to eat them again, but my mother stopped me from saying that I couldn't eat them any more. Lantern Festivals are not easy to digest, so I reluctantly put down the delicious Lantern Festivals.

I don't know after today's Lantern Festival










When I got up this morning, my mother said that I would eat at night. I listened to it, and I was so happy that I jumped three feet high-I loved the Lantern Festival best!

Mother poured more than half of the water into the pot to boil, and then put the Lantern Festival babies into the pot one after another to "soak in hot springs". It didn't take long for my mother to lift the lid of the pot, and a hot air came head-on. One Lantern Festival baby danced "ballet" in boiling water. My mother filled a bowl for me and put it on the table. I grabbed a spoon and couldn't wait to sit at the table.

The white and flawless Lantern Festival babies in the bowl are big and small, all of them poked their heads out of the water and looked at the colorful world curiously. I scooped a small one, leaned against my mouth, blew it, put it into my mouth, and bit it again. Ah! Soft, fragrant, sweet, and the full thick juice inside flowed out. It's really Nestle coffee-it's delicious!

I ate a bowl of Lantern Festival in a "fragile way" and felt very satisfied with my full stomach.







The fifteenth day of the first month is the Lantern Festival. Eating Lantern Festival means being round and round. It's time for dinner. My family gathered around the table. After a while, Dad served warm and chubby bowls of Lantern Festival. We began to eat it. We shouldn't be too anxious to eat it, because the freshly cooked Lantern Festival is too hot, so we should taste it slowly.

The Lantern Festival cooked by Dad is so delicious that it tastes very sweet. The Lantern Festival is filled with bean paste, black sesame seeds, peanuts and so on. The Lantern Festival is very delicious with soft, sticky and sweet skin. After eating one bowl, I want to eat another bowl until my stomach swells. After eating it, I have to go out for a walk. This is done for good digestion. Who calls Yuanxiao so delicious? Every time I eat the Lantern Festival, I will get bloated. Now my living standard has really improved. I can eat the Lantern Festival whenever I want, and it is delicious every year.



爸爸煮的元宵太好吃了,味道十分香甜,元宵馅有豆沙、黑芝麻、花生等等,元宵非常好吃的,皮软软的、粘粘的、甜香香的,吃完一碗还想再吃一碗,一直吃到肚子胀胀的,吃完了就得出去散散步。这样做是为了好消化,谁叫元宵那么好吃呢! 每次吃元宵,我都会吃得胀胀的,现在的生活水平真的提高了,什么时候想吃元宵都可以吃的上,而且一年比一年的好吃。


Today is the 15th Lantern Festival of the first month, on which every household will eat dumplings, set off firecrackers and celebrate the Lantern Festival in solve riddles on the lanterns.

Today, my father taught me how to make dumplings. First, I prepared black sesame and glutinous rice. Then knead the glutinous rice noodles into small balls, press the balls with your thumb, and finally put in a little black sesame seeds, and then knead them round and round without a crack. A small dumpling is made.

I did a lot according to the method my father taught me. So, we began to cook dumplings, and the hot dumplings gave off bursts of fragrance. I can't wait to take a big bite. Tangyuan is soft, sweet and fragrant, which makes people have endless aftertaste.

Lantern Festival represents a round and round family. In the new year, I wish everyone all the best!







The fifteenth day of the first month is Lantern Festival. In the evening, my mother went home and bought me a paper lantern for lighting candles. I used to play with battery lanterns, but this time I lit candles, so I especially like it.

I went downstairs with my father in high spirits carrying lanterns. We enjoy the night scene of Lantern Festival while playing with lanterns. The moon in the sky is round, colorful lights surround the community like a long queue, and there are crackling firecrackers everywhere. But these scenery are not as beautiful as my lanterns. I played with lanterns excitedly for a long time, and we didn't go home until the candles burned out.

As soon as I entered the door, my mother cooked dumplings for my father and me. The delicious dumplings looked like table tennis balls. I took a bite, sweet, and felt the taste of home. Mom and Dad told me that dumplings symbolize round and round.

I had a great time today. I must keep this Lantern Festival firmly in mind.







"At 15 o'clock in the first month, every household eats Lantern Festival." I like eating dumplings, and today I want to make dumplings!

When making dumplings, my mother patiently taught me: "First pinch a nest in the middle of the dough, put it in your favorite black sesame stuffing, and then lick it and rub it."

Gee, it's wonderful! The dough is like a lovely baby in my mother's hand. In the blink of an eye, a white round Lantern Festival is ready. It's my turn to show my talents. I picked up a small dough. Oh, it's sticky. In my mother's hand, it was a "lovely baby", but in my hand, it became an disobedient "naughty boy". Either the dough was broken or the sesame stuffing came out. Alas, it took me a lot of effort to wrap up a Lantern Festival. It looks crooked and is covered with black sesame stuffing, making it a big face!

It's really hard to make dumplings, but I'm very good at eating yuanxiao. I ate several dumplings in one breath. Hey, soft yuanxiao is sweet.







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